1. The Generations in Jazz Festival is open to students who are currently attending any primary or secondary school, and who are participating in a school, college or community jazz band or ensemble. Requests for any variation to this must be in writing to the Generations in Jazz Board for consideration.
Players are eligible to perform in the festival if they are full-time students of the participating school/s and are under 19 years of age, or whose 19th birthday occurs during the year of the festival.
3. Combined school groups may participate if that ensemble rehearses on a regular basis.
4. Two or more schools may join to form an ensemble, provided they stipulate this at the time of registration. Only one entry form needs to be submitted.
5. All school groups must provide the necessary ratio of staff supervision to the number students attending the festival. It is not the responsibility of Generations in Jazz Inc or its volunteers to monitor students attending the festival.


1. Each band entering the STAGE BAND AWARDS must perform three (3) pieces which includes the GIJ Set Piece, Ballad of Own Choice and Own Choice.
2. Each choir entering the VOCAL ENSEMBLE AWARDS must perform two (2) pieces which includes the GIJ Set Piece and Own Choice.
Each JAZZ COMBO entering will be required to perform a maximum of three (3) pieces which must include one (1) Ballad. No set pieces will be required for this section.

Performance Times

1. As indicated for each section, performance times must be strictly adhered to. Bands and ensembles do not need to prepare enough music to reach the time limit; however performances cannot run overtime.

STAGE BAND AWARDS – Division 1 – 30 minutes, Division 2 – 25 minutes, Division 3, 4, 4+ & 5 – 20 minutes
VOCAL ENSEMBLE AWARDS – Division 1,2,3 & 4 – 10 minutes
JAZZ COMBO AWARDS – 20 minutes

2. Set up and quick tuning on stage is included in each band’s allocated time.
3. No teacher, parent or designated supervisor (unless an accompanist or conductor) will be allowed on stage at any time.
4. Adjudication penalty for any performance time exceeding the time limit, will be at the discretion of the adjudicator.

 Rehearsal & Warm Up

1. No entrants may rehearse in competition venues during the period of the Festival except in official rehearsals arranged by Generations in Jazz.
2. The only entrants permitted to warm up on stage is the first band/ensemble scheduled on the day.
3. At each competition venue, warm up areas will be provided prior to performance times.
4. Each band will be allocated a specific time to use the warm up room prior to moving into the green room/holding room before going on stage.
5. In consideration of others performing, students must be extremely quiet in the final waiting area and respond promptly to backstage crew requests.



1. Participants are asked to show respect towards their adjudicators. The adjudicators’ decision in accordance with the rules is final.
2. All bands and ensembles will receive a constructive assessment of their performance with suggestions on how to rectify any problem areas. They will also be provided with a recording of their performance.
3. An adjudication report, if written, will be available for collection for the Generations in Jazz Office on Sunday 5 May 2019 following the public announcement of results.
4. The adjudications and awards are not meant for the comparison of ensembles within a section, but are an educational tool to be used by teachers to guide the further musical development of their ensemble.
5. Judging in the VOCAL ENSEMBLE AWARDS will be made up of the following:


 6. Judging in the STAGE BAND AWARDS will be made up of the following



1. The onus of choosing the correct material rests with the individual schools and Music Directors.
2. Ensembles must provide two adjudication scores for all pieces on their programme. These should each be labelled with the school, ensemble name, and order in performance programme.
3. Copies of scores must be presented on the day of the event by a representative of the participating group, prior to their performance. These are to be handed to the Venue Manager upon arrival; these will then be collected by a staff member who will pass them on to the adjudicators.
4. If any alterations are made to any any piece (with the approval of the composer), Music Directors must provide this score as well with changes clearly marked.
5. Individual schools are responsible for adhering to the relevant copyright laws – the festival accepts no responsibility for any copyright infringements.


We don’t have a lot of rules at Generations in Jazz but the following are ones that we take seriously.

  • Respect the festival boundaries and stay within the permitted fence zones.
  • Please keep the internal festival roads clear for transport and emergency vehicles.
  • Please put your rubbish in the bins and recycle where you can.
  • Look out for others – if someone looks like they need help, notify our staff to assist.
  • If it’s illegal offsite, then it’s illegal onsite.


All attendees will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner through language, dress, and behaviour;

  • characterised by common sense, politeness and cooperation.
  • treating everyone with respect, loyalty, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, and consideration.
  • be mindful that they are ambassadors for their school as well as their State/Territory.
  • keep personal belongings close all times, while respecting the property of other participants, leaders and the venues.

All attendees will fully and actively participate in festival activities in the spirit of the event by;

  • Wearing appropriate credentials in order to gain access to festival events and activities
  • Arriving promptly
  • Listening and adhering to all lawful instructions given by festival team
  • Adhering to emergency plans and evacuation routes appropriate to the venue and adhering to all instructions provided by Festival Team members or venue staff.

Please Note: All school groups must provide the necessary ratio of staff supervision to the number students attending the festival. It is not the responsibility of GIJ staff or volunteers to monitor group behaviour. This also applies to groups attending the evening public concerts.

Duty of Care Issues

  •  Teachers are responsible for their students at all times during the Generations in Jazz Festival, both onsite (inside and outside of venues) at the festival and in accommodation venues. Please ensure that students conduct themselves appropriately at all times.
  • Teachers must ensure that they adhere to the relevant Department of Education and Communities Guidelines as to the safety and treatment of students.
  • Teachers should ensure they have familiarised themselves with the individual school and Department of Education and Communities’ excursions policy and have completed appropriate risk management procedures necessary for these excursions.

Please Note: Generations in Jazz Inc is happy to assist schools with any questions in relation to Festival Risk Management procedures. School that require information from Generations in Jazz Inc to use as part of individual school requirements as asked to place their request in writing to Please include Risk Assessment in the subject heading.

 Bad Behaviour

  • A high standard of decorum is expected from all participants and patrons. Behaviour, which is contrary to the spirit of the event, especially if directed at Generations in Jazz Officials, volunteers or entrants will result in the offender(s) being asked to leave.
  • Any person or group found responsible for defacing or damaging a venue or equipment will be disqualified and Generations In Jazz Inc. may take steps to recover from them, any costs of repair. Supervisors of groups must remain with their groups at all times and will be held accountable for the actions of their groups.

Publicity and Privacy

  • Generations in Jazz Inc reserves the right to record, film, broadcast, telecast, videotape or photograph any entrant, item or event at the Festival without notification and any such photograph, recording or broadcast may be used at Generations in Jazz Inc. discretion for publicity or promotional purposes, but shall not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any participants, and no remuneration or compensation whatsoever shall be attributable to any participants so featured.
  • Generations in Jazz, at its sole discretion, may promote or publicise the profile of any entrant and their participation in competition results.
  • Personal details provided by an entrant on the entry form are for Generations in Jazz identification use only and are not released to third parties, except at discretion after consultation with the entrant to known organisations when an opportunity may be beneficial to an entrant.

Personal Items

  • Generations in Jazz Inc. will not be liable for personal items lost or stolen. Valuables should not be brought into competition venues and any school bags, handbags, instruments or other items should be under the supervision of someone nominated by the group at all times. Unidentified lost property will be held by Generations in Jazz Inc. for two months only.

Venue Door Policy

  • In fairness to performers and adjudicators, no one is permitted to enter or leave the performance venues during a performance.

 Venue Entry Fees

  • Please advise parents and others in your school community that they will need to purchase a ticket to attend as audience members. Day Pass and Weekend Pass tickets are valid for all venues on the Saturday of competition. Tickets can be purchased online via the Generations in Jazz website or at the festival site on the weekend.