Blanchard Award

The Blanchard Award is open to talented instrumental students in either their first or second year of high school. It is through the generous support of Ross and Jenny Blanchard and their commitment to the development of young musicians that Generations in Jazz is able to offer a funded prize by way of financial assistance to both a female and a male recipient.

This development award is designed to help young students at the beginning of their high school journey and for talented students who need some financial help to reach their full music potential. The winners of this award are announced at the 2019 event.

Generations in Jazz will be accepting submissions from music teachers nominating students for this award.

Click Here to Nominate for The Blanchard Award

Applications for 2019 open on 4th January 2019 and close on 29th March 2019.

For further details about The Blanchard Award terms and conditions please see below.

What is the award?

The award is $2500 each, to a male and female recipient, that must be spent on instruments and/or music tuition.

 How does it work?

 If you are a recipient, you may go to a music store and choose what instrument(s) you need. The store can then submit an invoice to GIJ to be paid directly.

For music tuition, GIJ will pay an invoice each term directly to the teacher or music school of your choice.

 Who is eligible?

 Instrumental students in either their first or second year of High School who are attending Generations in Jazz.

How do I enter?

Generations in Jazz will be accepting submissions from High School music teachers nominating students for this award. Nominations can be made online (below).

The nomination should include the following: –

  • Students details (including contact information which will be used to communicate with the recipient of the award after Generations)
  • Parent details
  • A brief description of the student’s circumstances (detailing the need for the award).
  • A brief summary of the student’s musical achievements.
  • Any supporting material you feel would assist an assessing the submission
  • A recording as follows:
    • A 12 bar blues with improvisation (max 5 mins total)
    • An own choice number in any jazz style (max 5 mins total)

Any type of accompaniment (if desired) is acceptable and recording quality should be sufficient for the panel to assess the nominee (professional recording quality is not necessary).

Nominees will be assessed on both playing ability and potential, with two recipients (1 male, 1 female) chosen by the music panel.

The final decision will be made taking into account both the music panel’s choice and the perceived need of the nominee. The GIJ board may request further information if necessary to decide the final recipients.

Submissions and recordings will be reviewed by the GIJ board and by the Award music panel..