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Generations in Jazz



Volunteering & Community Engagement 

GIJ is our largest local community event and it is the community too, who help ensure the festival’s

The success of the Generations in Jazz Festival in encouraging and supporting young musicians and Jazz music owes much to its highly valued pool of volunteers.

From its inception, Generations in Jazz has been generously supported, run and organised primarily by volunteers. A reason for the long-term success of the festival is that it is deeply embedded in community.

It is through the generous contributions and incredible impact from both individuals and the
community at large that has made Generations what it is today.

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The goals of the GIJ Schools Program are:

  • To promote growth in jazz music.

  • To encourage participation and excellence in secondary school big band and choral singing.

  • To inspire young people to achieve.

  • To share ideas, techniques, and a common interest in music.

  • To develop the next generation of young band and vocal ensemble leaders.

  • To expose students to different styles of music.

  • To improve students' music performance through adjudication.

  • To provide opportunities for students to develop their resilience, initiative, independence, and leadership skills.

  • To foster an understanding and appreciation of jazz music.

  • To encourage performance by all groups, whether novice or highly experienced.

  • To provide performance opportunities for music by Australian composers.

  • To motivate students to continue the study of music.

  • To establish standards of excellence in music performance.

  • To provide opportunities for students to understand the relationship of music experiences to other life experiences

The Festival provides the following opportunities for students and teachers:

  • The chance for students to work with leading educators from Australia and overseas.

  • A performance goal for ensembles.

  • The opportunity to hear performances by a number of groups of similar standards.

  • Professional development opportunities for ensemble directors.

  • Opportunities to network with colleagues and discuss sources of inspiration.

  • Comments from a panel of experienced professional adjudicators.

  • Important feedback for directors regarding the overall performance and direction of their ensemble.

If music is at the heart of the Generations in
Jazz Festival, then volunteers are the soul.

National Review of School Music Education

Alan Richardson volunteers his time at the festival site in preparation for the influx of

If you’d like more information about the registration process, get in touch today.

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