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Over the years, Generations in Jazz has enriched the level of music education across the nation, whilst providing students a truly measurable goal: that of musical excellence. Through a combination of workshops, performances and concerts, it has become the ultimate three-day experience for thousands of young artists at varying stages of their musical journey. Generations in Jazz represents a wonderful opportunity to perform, listen and develop a true appreciation for this wonderful art form and it has become an integral part of a commitment to furthering jazz in Australia and beyond. Students from over 125 schools around the nation compete in the both the National Stage Band Awards & Vocal Ensemble Awards while individual Jazz and Vocal Scholarships are also highly coveted, helping to secure the musical destiny of individuals with enormous promise.
Generations in Jazz is held in Mount Gambier, South Australia which is fast becoming known as Australia’s home of jazz. Mount Gambier is a city in the southeastern corner of South Australia and lies half way between Adelaide and Melbourne. Each year the grounds and surrounding paddocks of the Barn are transformed into the Generations in Jazz Precinct which is located 10kms south of Mount Gambier on Punt Road, O.B. Flat.
The Generations in Jazz Festival will take place from Thursday 3 May until Sunday 6 May, 2018. The school component of the festival will take place from Friday 4(pm) May until Sunday 6 May.
Public accommodation is in peak demand over the Festival period. For those visiting the region and not part of the Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble Awards but would still like to attend the Festival we have listed current accommodation options available within the region on our website or call the Generations in Jazz Festival Office on (08) 8726 8144 or the Mount Gambier Visitor Information Centre on 1800 087 187. * Please Note: Accommodation requirements for registered schools will be managed by the Generations in Jazz 2018 Organizing Committee who work with accommodation providers across the region to ensure expected participant numbers can be catered for.
Tickets can be purchased online through the Generations in Jazz website or over the phone using Credit Card by calling the ticket office on (08) 8726 8144.
We have a number of ticket options available for members of the general public for the 2018 Festival. Members of the public have the option of purchasing individual concert tickets or can experience the whole Generations in Jazz Festival by purchasing a Festival Weekend Pass which will give pass holders access to all public concerts on Friday & Saturday Night and Sunday Finale Concert as well as the City of Mount Gambier National Stage Band Award and Vocal Ensemble Award performance throughout the Saturday. On Saturday the Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble Competition will be held from 8:00am to 6:00pm and feature performances from over 300 Stage Bands and Vocal Ensembles in 9 Pavilions throughout the Generations in Jazz Festival Precinct. We have an exciting music line-up in store for the May 3-6 event with guest artists performing throughout the weekend.
Tickets for the 2018 Generations in Jazz Festival will go on sale on November 30 2017.
Tickets may be available at the Ticket Office on site over the weekend; however, we advise that you check by contacting the Generations in Jazz office to see if any shows have sold out prior.
No. Once the ticket sale is processed the purchase is final. Whilst obviously we sympathize with you if you lose your ticket, we regretfully are unable to reissue. Even if we have a record of your purchase, we cannot be certain that other less scrupulous members of the public will not use the ticket. Please treat your ticket like cash, as they are irreplaceable.
No. Unless the event you have purchased a ticket for has been cancelled or rescheduled, or there are legal requirements that provide otherwise (including those of the Australian Consumer Law), tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.
For further information and if you require specific disability access seating, please call the Generations in Jazz Festival Office on (08) 8726 8144.
Please call the Generations in Jazz Festival office (08) 8726 8144 as soon as you can and we will check if your payment has been processed and your tickets booked. Please don’t attempt to purchase again, as it may result in a double charge to your credit card.
There are two ways: By Post  – Generations in Jazz can post out your tickets if you purchase them more than 7 days in advance of the event. Generations in Jazz cannot be held responsible for tickets lost in the mail. Collect tickets from the Generations in Jazz Office – Our Ticket Office is located at the Generations in Jazz Festival site. Tickets ordered online can be collected from the Ticket Office during the week leading up to the festival or during operating hours over the Festival weekend. Don’t forget to bring valid ID for collection.
Yes, there is a large range of exclusive concert merchandise available from the Merchandise tent, located near the main stage. Alternatively visit the Generation in Jazz shop online to purchase your merchandise before arriving at the festival.
Public parking is available on-site at Generations in Jazz, adjacent to the main pavilion and just a short walk from other venues. Please follow signs and directions from car park attendants.
Volunteer applications will open in December. Please check back to the website then and go to the APPLY section on the website
When the artists are released for 2017 you will be able to find out everything about them and when they are playing through our Artist drop down links via the Generations in Jazz homepage.
When we announce our Artists Line Up for 2018 you will be able to find out which concerts they are playing at by viewing the schedule on the Generations in Jazz website. In April the Time & Order of Play for school specific performance times will also be uploaded to the website for viewing.
Occasionally changes can occur that are out of our control. Scheduled performance times for schools and artist line-ups are subject to change. No refund will be offered in these circumstances.
Our phone number is (08) 87268144, and we are more than happy to take your call! Office hours are Monday -Friday, 11:00am to 5:00pm email –
More FAQ's will be added as we move along! If you have any further questions, that need urgent answering, don't hesitate to contact us on (08) 8726 8144 or email us:


The closing date for registrations for schools who wish to participate in the 2018 event close at the end of the 2017 school year. Due to scheduling difficulties and the very tight time frames, entries received after this date will only be accepted at the discretion of the Generations in Jazz Board. If you are unable to register by the closing date and still have an interest in attending we ask that you contact the Generations in Jazz office to discuss your requirements.
Registration must be completed online via the Generations in Jazz website.
Your registration covers your participation in the Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble Awards, Accommodation on Friday and Saturday Night, Concert entry on Friday Night, Saturday Night and Sunday, workshop participation and meals.
Registrations are to be made by Music Directors, School/Band Representatives via the Generations in Jazz Website on behalf of individual schools.
We encourage individual people not to register independently, but check with their school if they have been included in their already existing groups registration numbers.
Registration makes full participation possible in all events of Generations in Jazz as well as food and accommodation requirements throughout the Festival period. Registration is also necessary for the Organizing Committee to properly plan places of accommodation, food provision and seating and venue arrangements for school performances and public concerts.
Registered participants receive – depending on the chosen type of “Package” – accommodation, access to concerts, food provision at the time of Generations in Jazz, workshops, as well as competition entry for the Stage Band Awards and Vocal Ensemble Awards. Students will be issued with Generations in Jazz wristbands to obtain entry over the weekend to venues, concerts, workshops and meals. Music Directors and supervising staff will also be issued with GIJ lanyards which will be collected from the Registration desk upon your arrival on Friday afternoon.
After your registration has been processed, we will send a receipt to the email address provided on the registration form confirming the divisions entered. Generations in Jazz will issue a Tax Invoice for payment as part of your registration deposit which will be sent to the email address provided within 7 days of receiving your registration. You must contact us if you haven’t received this email within 7 days of lodgement. Please check the details carefully and notify us immediately of any errors, including spelling of names, etc.
You should receive an email from Generations in Jazz confirming your registration and overview of the details entered. In January you will also receive a letter asking for confirmation of registered attendance numbers and division selections. If you do not receive this email, please email within 7 days of submitting your form, as your entry process may not have been completed.
It is imperative that you check your entry receipt carefully and notify Generations in Jazz immediately of any errors. Once the final timetabling is completed no corrections can be made.
All packages listed on the Generations in Jazz website do not include travel. Due to the varying distance travelled by individual schools Generations in Jazz is unable to include packages with travel. *Please note that Generations in Jazz is currently investigating to option of charted flights from major capital cities to reduce the travel time for schools participating in the weekend from long distances. This service is an additional cost on top of the listed packages on the website and is based on full flights. To obtain further information or to express an interest in the charted flight service please contact the Generations in Jazz office.
As part of your registration the following meals are included: • Friday: dinner • Saturday: breakfast, lunch & dinner • Sunday: breakfast and lunch
Changes in the group’s numbers can be made only until the moment of the beginning of the final payment procedure. We understand some slight changes may need to be made closer to the event however request that these be made no later than Wednesday 19 April 2017.
Due to scheduling difficulties and the completing of the Time & Order of Play no division changes can be made after 10 March 2018. Changes made to divisions entered after March 10 will only be scheduled for performance at the end of the competition.
All concerts and venues are open to the public and admission charges apply. For those attending the Generations in Jazz Festival as a registered member of a school you will be allocated passes to gain free admission to events and this is already covered in registration costs.


You may enter one (1) of whichever division you think your band is most suited to. The Set Piece is the main gauge you have to decide which division to enter. Grade levels and chart descriptions are available on the Generations in Jazz Festival website. Sample scores can also be obtained by request from the festival office if you need further help deciding. Please also read the division descriptions and rules carefully to see which division will most suit your ensemble.
No, all bands performing must have purchased the set piece for their chosen division(s) from Generations in Jazz. No chart sharing with other schools will be allowed. Each school must purchase it for their own use and music library. The only exception to this, is if a single school has multiple bands performing in the same division, or if a band is made up of students from multiple schools from a regional area.
The short answer is no. Sections cannot be cut, edited, or changed. Only in the new Div 4 (mixed Instrumentation): are you allowed to make major changes to the test piece as far as instrumentation. Subtle instrumentation variations are allowed (see SBA rules and guidelines) in all other divs, but only within the written guidelines. However, exaggeration of marked dynamics (within stylistic/musical context) and additional dynamics are encouraged. Alterations/cuts/edits to your ballad and own choice are not encouraged, but are accepted. For additional clarification, please contact the Generations in Jazz Office
Each band should be presenting a varied program across their 3 charts. The Set Piece, and performance of a ballad (of your choice) are compulsory. If the test piece is a swinger, playing a st. 8ths chart (latin, funk, contemporary st. 8ths, etc...) as your own choice is a good idea. Alternatively, if the test piece is a st. 8ths piece (latin, funk, etc...), you will be required to play a swinger as your own choice. The swing style must be demonstrated somewhere in each band's performance. If the test piece is a swinger, and you would like to perform another swing piece as your own choice, ideally you would pick a chart that is of a different tempo to the test piece (if the test piece is a medium swinger, play a bright chart. If the test piece is bright, play a classic medium swinger, etc...). Note: no band will ever be marked down for playing more than one swinger.
Can we perform in higher divisions with reduced / altered line-ups? From Division 2 down, subtle instrumentation and size variations within bands will be accepted (please refer to the Division Overview and Requirements for specifics of each division). If you have an ensemble with lots of instrumentation variations, or a heavily reduced (or inflated) line-up, see Div 4: (mixed instrumentation), and Div 5: (non-competitive)
Yes, Generations in Jazz now offers a small ensemble division for small groups and combos with 4 - 9 members. This section is aimed at groups playing small ensemble jazz, not big band material.
Stacking students in multiple ensembles is not allowed at GIJ. For example: Stacking students from a higher division into the school's junior ensemble to "help out" would not be allowed (except in div 5 non-competitive). The only exception to this, is if a student plays in multiple big bands at the school, but on different instruments.
In this case, a student from another band at the school (higher or lower) may perform in the missing student's place. It is the responsibility of the band's director to inform Generations in Jazz of this, as the fill-in student will not be eligible for superband/future finalist or any other awards in that division.
If your school only has one band competing, and does not have another student who can fill in, a teacher or staff member may fill in. This will result in the school not being eligible for a place or ranking in the competition side of the event. Your band will still perform the required pieces for adjudication and will still receive feedback from the adjudicator.
Yes, you are allowed to have a solo vocalist feature on either your ballad or own choice. All Stage Band Award venues will have two (2) solo microphones on stage. Your vocalist should use one of these.
Yes, you are allowed to have a solo vocalist feature on either your ballad or own choice. All Stage Band Award venues will have two (2) solo microphones on stage. Your vocalist should use one of these.
For each Division Generations in Jazz will supply backline for a standard big band rhythm section (drumkit, bass amp, guitar amp, piano or keyboard, vibes). If you require additional amps/gear, these must be provided by each indivual school. Please Note: The transportation of individual and school gear on and off stage is your responsibility, and must fit into your allocated stage time.
Yes, but is the drummer or the director's responsibility to replace the house snare and cymbals at the end of your performance. Please Note: This all has to fit into your allocated stage time.
The Generations in Jazz team try to ensure schools who are entering both the Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble Competition are not allocated the same performance times however we do ask that you please contact the Generations in Jazz Office who will make notes to the schedule to ensure no timing clashes are made and adequate time for moving from different locations is also factored in.


The set pieces are designed to provide an indication of standard suitability for your vocal ensemble. Have a look at/listen to the previews, and try out a passage or two from each set piece to get a feel for where your vocal ensemble would best be placed. You may end up ordering more than one set piece and trying them out in their entirety before making a decision.
Div 1: Yes, you can bring your own rhythm section for your own choice piece, or you can choose to use the GIJ house band. If you choose the house band, you will be scheduled for a rehearsal prior to your performance. Div 2: No. The set piece has a pre-recorded rhythm section backing that will be used by every ensemble on the day. And the division two OWN CHOICE must be a cappella Div 3: Yes, only for your own choice piece are you required to provide your own accompanist (piano/guitar/backing track). The set piece has a pre-recorded rhythm section backing that will be used by every ensemble on the day. Div 4: Yes, only for your own choice piece are you required to provide your own accompanist (piano/guitar/backing track). The set piece has a pre-recorded rhythm section backing that will be used by every ensemble on the day.
A total of ten (10) minutes stage time will be allocated for each Vocal Ensemble and during this time you may perform a quick sound check to test foldback, solo microphone and accompaniment levels. The adjudicators will give each group using a backing track the chance to test the track's level before you begin your performance. Vocal Ensemble warm up areas will be provided prior to performance times.
Yes, but only if one of those ensembles is a large ensemble (7+ voices) and the other is small (4-6 voices).
The Generations in Jazz team try to ensure schools who are entering both the Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble Competition are not allocated the same performance times however we do ask that you please contact the Generations in Jazz Office who will make notes to the schedule to ensure no timing clashes are made and adequate time for moving from different locations is also factored in.
Ultimately, the vocal ensemble director decides upon the suitability of repertoire for the competition. If you're in doubt and would like to have some input, you can write to Naomi Crellin (, the director of the Vocal Ensemble Awards, and she will assist you in your choice. There is an understanding within the competition that the umbrella of what constitutes a jazz piece will be broader at the lower levels than at the higher ones.
Yes, provided that you clearly mark any changes on the score provided to the adjudicators. If you choose to alter an element of the score that the adjudicators deem to be detrimental rather than beneficial, this will be reflected in your adjudication. If you would like to make a significant alteration to any of the set pieces, it would be prudent to check this with the song's composer. Division one: if you wish to change the key of the a cappella set piece to better suit your ensemble's range, you do not need to run this by the composer.
No. For time and consistency reasons, this is only possible in division one. If you wish to use a rhythm section accompaniment, you will need to have it prerecorded and perform to the backing track recording.
In divisions 3 and 4 only. You will need to send this to Naomi Crellin ( and one of your division's adjudicators (contact details will become available closer to the festival) prior to the day of your performance, so the tracks can be lined up ready to go on the day.
Yes. In keeping with the contemporary nature of the jazz vocal ensemble style, and often equally to ensure your ensemble can be heard, all VEA performances will be amplified. The sound and venue specifications will become available closer to the festival date, but in general, each ensemble will have solo mic options and general choir pick-up mics for the ensemble. In the small ensemble division, six microphones will be provided to enable your ensemble to be individually miked.
Yes. During the ten minutes stage time, you can choose to move risers, mics and foldback monitors to create the positioning your ensemble prefers.
Yes, but your adjudication will not reflect this unless the choreography proves detrimental to the musical performance. When in doubt, leave it out.
Yes, if absolutely necessary, however keep in mind that a significant portion of your adjudication will focus on conveying of lyric/message and your connection with the audience. These things become infinitely more impeded when a performer is reading from a score.
No. If you feel your performance would be improved by having your director direct you during the performance, you may wish to choose this option. However, it is more in keeping with the jazz vocal ensemble tradition for a group to be at least partially, if not wholly, self-directed during a performance. This will of course depend on the size of the ensemble and the nature of the piece. You will not specifically be marked down for having your director on stage. You will, however, be marked down for failing to communicate with your audience or not effectively conveying the lyric/meaning. So make sure you can still do these things if you choose to be directed during your performance.
Not within the large ensemble divisions, however jazz choirs are traditionally on the smaller side - usually up to 24 voices as a guide. However, in keeping with the spirit of Generations In Jazz, the aim being to foster inclusivity and participation, if your school has a 50-voice ensemble who would like to enter, this is absolutely acceptable.
Each school is encouraged to record and/or video their performance. Many schools have a video recorder or smartphone set up or held by a supporter to record their performance. The festival will not provide recordings to the vocal ensembles.


The Generations in Jazz Festival officially commences on Friday afternoon from approximately 5:00pm with Registration and Welcome Dinner followed by the Welcome Concert. A number of schools will travel throughout the day on Friday arriving in Mount Gambier in the early afternoon to settle into accommodation, tour the area and get a quick rehearsal in before making their way to the site for the evening events. Schools that wish to arrive early Friday morning are invited to conduct band rehearsals at various locations around Mount Gambier in preparation for the Saturdays competition. Sunday will see the closing of the Festival with the Sunday Concert concluding at approximately 3:00pm before buses begin to roll out of the city for the journey home.
With over 250 individual bands and ensembles performing throughout the festival it is the responsibility of the logistics and scheduling team to work through the complexities of placing bands and ensembles so no timing clashes take place. Schools attending the festival with numerous bands and vocal ensembles will be placed on the Time & Order of Play first to ensure enough time is provided for each performance. For schools with Band and Choir Directors who are involved with a number of different schools and or campuses are asked to make contact with the Generations in Jazz Office so this can be noted before the scheduling begins. Music Directors will receive a draft Time & Order of Play in early 2017 for review before the schedule for performances is released to the public.
Once you have arrived on Friday at the Generations in Jazz site each school is asked to nominate one person from your school to report to the GIJ Festival Office on Clarke Rd to collect your registration pack. Registration packs will include schools signs, passes, programs and general information about the weekend. Once registration packs are collected your school will then be directed to a dining venue by one of our volunteers crowds control team.
Due to the large number of participants and instruments there will be no on site storage of instruments. It is advised that instruments and personal belongings not in use be stored in buses. Instrument transport services will operate to assist with moving instruments to buses. A bus driver or supervisor must be available to accompany the instrument transport either for instruments being taken to/or returned from a performance venue.
During the Festival you will have the opportunity to buy a range of GIJ merchandise, Artists CD's, etc. Unless you are intending to spend up big, $25 a day (if buying food and snacks) should be ample. For merchandise prices please visit the online shop on the Generations in Jazz website prior to your arrival in Mount Gambier.
The Festival Team will be providing a highly visible volunteer team to help you out during the festival, as well as some tech savvy ways for you to keep up to date.
There will be clearly identifiable First Aid available through out the Festival. First Aid will be provided by St John's Ambulance. Please Note it is encouraged that school also bring extra medication for students as First Aid staff will be unable to provide any medication unless in a medial emergency. Panadol and Asthma medication will not be issued to any students without the consent of supervising teaching staff. Supervising staff are reminded to bring all medication requirements to the Festival site for students and not left on buses or at accommodation venues.
As part of your registration the following meals are included: • Friday: dinner • Saturday: breakfast, lunch & dinner • Saturday: breakfast and lunch
You will be able to collect your meals on-site within the GIJ Festival Precinct. Breakfast will be provided at your accommodation venue prior to your arrival on Saturday and Sunday morning. Lunch and dinner will be served at one of the dinning venues and schools will be allocated collections times and locations as part of their registration package.
Yes – if we know about special dietary needs we are able to cater for them, but these must be specified at the time of registration. In addition to the normal menu, those with significant dietary requirements will be catered for and meals will be supplied under “Special Diets” and include the following options: Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free. All meals will be prepared by the Barn Palais and distributed onsite at the Generations in Jazz Festival Precinct. No meals will contain seafood.
Our meals are nut free to the best of our knowledge; however, we cannot guarantee a cross contamination which may occur outside of our kitchen; for example bread rolls may come into contact with nuts in the bakery. If you have students who suffer from a nut allergy, we ask that they complete the Nut Waiver form which can be emailed to you if you contact In addition to the normal menu, those with significant dietary requirements will be catered for and meals will be supplied under “Special Diets” and include the following options: • Vegetarian • Gluten Free • Dairy Free
Yes, there are microwaves and small fridges in the foyer area of the Barn for students to use at meal times.
The festival venue is located outside of Mount Gambier however a number of catering vans will be available should you wish to purchase extra food. Mount Gambier also has a variety of fast-food outlets and cafes who will be open for extended trading hours throughout the Generations weekend.
The Generations in Jazz Board appoints an Official Accommodation Committee to secure suitable accommodation at affordable prices for registered participants. This assists groups to reduce costs and make the Festival as accessible as possible. Accommodation allocations are made based on selection and venue capacities.
Some stage bands and vocal ensembles choose to reveal their fine fashions for their performances, many put on the weekday uniform for the weekend’s event, but we just want everyone to wear whatever it is that makes them comfortable. Night time temperatures may drop below zero and daytime not much warmer. All festival venues are indoors but you will need warm clothing, weatherproof jacket, hat, gloves and waterproof footwear or boots are appropriate for getting between venues.
If you find or lose something please go to the Festival Office near the James Morrison Pavilion and one of our dedicated administration volunteers will be able to assist.
Yes, there is a large range of exclusive concert merchandise available from the Merchandise tent, located near the main stage.