Participant Workshops – Proudly presented by education partner University of South Australia

Workshop 1: “The Art of the Big Band” Presented by: Mat Jodrell
Venue: University of South Australia Pavilion
Heavyweight jazz trumpet player and JMA faculty member, Mat Jodrell, has played with the best of the best New York Big Bands, including The Vanguard Orchestra, Miguel Zenon, Jon Batiste, Paul Anka, and the Mingus Big Band. In this workshop, he will take you through the techniques and philosophies for creating a truly great big band. Mat’s formidable knowledge on the history, culture and fundamentals of big band music will be suitable for teachers and students alike who want to unlock more from their ensemble.

* Suitable for students and directors.


Workshop 2: “From Country Victoria to New York… (and beyond)”  Presented by: Shannon Barnett
Venue: The Barn

International jazz trombone star Shannon Barnett will provide insight into her journey from Blackburn High School to New York and her current role as section player and soloist with one of the great jazz orchestras of the modern era, WDR Cologne. Shannon has played with some of the biggest names in the world of jazz, and will share ideas and tips on how she developed her craft and achieved great success.

* Suitable for students and directors.


Workshop 3: “Latin, Funk and Alternative Grooves” Presented by: Nasrine Rahmani and The Cat Empire rhythm section
Venue: Hi Pine Pavilion

All the way from Madrid, Spain, Afro-Cuban and Flamenco percussionist Nasrine Rahmani will help you unlock the secrets of Latin (and other) grooves and the deeper, more specific role of each instrument in the rhythm section. Nas will present a number of jams and grooves alongside The Cat Empire rhythm section, and explain how all the pieces of the jigsaw fit together in different patterns and styles.

* Suitable for students and directors.


Workshop 4: “The Language of Improvisation” Presented by: Carl Mackey and Grant Windsor
Venue: Blanchard Pavilion

Developing improvisation skills and fluency can be one of the most difficult elements to advance for students and teachers alike. Prolific Australian jazz musicians and JMA faculty Carl Mackey (Sax) and Grant Windsor (Piano) will break down the language of improvisation and give you tips on how to develop your soloing to take your jazz playing to the next level. With immense knowledge of the jazz tradition, both these musicians will have invaluable information on how to get started, improve at a rapid rate, and expand your jazz vocabulary.

*Suitable for directors and students of all levels.

Workshop 5: “Jazz Vocal Masterclass” Presented by: Nick Begbie and Emma Rule from The Idea Of North
Venue: James Morrison Pavilion

Submissions are now open for soloists and small ensembles to be masterclassed on a jazz song of their choice. Focussing on performance elements such as presentation, stylistic interpretation, lyric interpretation, tone and blend, Nick and Emma will provide practical insights and industry advice on how to improve your vocal performance. To apply, email names of your school’s representative soloist and/or small ensemble to by April 30. Participants will be chosen at random and notified before the festival. All welcome as observers.

* Suitable for students and directors.


Workshop 6: “Scat School” Presented by: Naomi Crellin and Luke Thompson from  The Idea Of North
Venue: Allert Pavilion

Learning to improvise vocally in the jazz style can be a daunting prospect. Just as with any new language, the basics form the vital foundation of learning to ’speak scat’. Naomi and Luke will take you through a scat bootcamp designed to improve your fluency and therefore greatly increase your proficiency in (and therefore enjoyment of) improvising.

* Suitable for students and directors.