Here’s a list of some of our past Scholarship winners/finalists and their achievements:

  • Kellie Santin went on to perform with Hey Hey It’s Saturday straight after her win
  • Jamie Olhers now runs the  WAAPA Jazz Program in Perth
  • Phil Stack – bass player in James Morrison’s band for nearly 20 years. Also a band member from Thirsty Merc
  • Matt Jodrell is living in New York and a teacher at Juilliard Jazz
  • Troy Roberts is living and working professionally in the USA
  • Dane Alderson is living and working professionally in the USA
  • Andy Fisenden lived and worked in the UK for many years with the Sugarbabes
  • Konrad Paszkudski – in 2013 was offered the chair of piano player with John Pizzarelli, touring extensively internationally and in the USA
  • Megan Washington – ‘Washington’ indie pop alternative rock star. ARIA award winner for Best Female Artist, Breakthrough Artist and Platinum Album award
  • Sarah McKenzie – vocalist piano player – fast tracked through Berklee College of Music and performing internationally. Living in New York as well as continuing her recording career with ABC Australia

The achievements of the people above gives an indication of how far Generations In Jazz can take you, whether you have studied with Graham Lyall in the GIJ Academy, or a Scholarship winner. It is a great chance to make your stamp on a world stage!