Please indicate below the details of any special dietary needs, food allergies or intolerance for staff or students attending the Generations in Jazz Festival.

This form is only to be completed by participating schools only. Schools are only to list on this form those students and staff who require special dietary catering. All other students will be provided the standard menu over the festival period.

Please Note: Individual schools are responsible for obtaining the relevant documents and parental consent as per their own Camps & Excursions and Health & Wellbeing Policies.

We are aware that these categories may not meet the requirements for some people who have specific needs essential to their health and well-being, (e.g. anaphylactic food allergies). These students and staff may be required to self-cater. If this is the case please note this on the form by checking the box ‘Provision of own meals’, and appropriate adjustments in meal costs will be made.

Dietary Requirement forms must be returned by Sunday 25 March 2018.