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Generations in Jazz - Fostering creativity and innovation

Generations in Jazz has been hailed as one of the most exemplary youth music events in Australia, nurturing and supporting the musicians of tomorrow, today.

The festival's vision is to become one of the leading jazz education events in Australia, providing a platform for competition, performances, collaboration, education, and engagement. While the festival's early focus was on big bands, and it remains true to its core, its scope has broadened to also include the highly successful vocal ensemble and small jazz combo divisions.


Generations in Jazz offers a wonderful opportunity to listen, perform, and develop a genuine appreciation for this wonderful art form, while becoming a part of a commitment to furthering jazz in Australia and beyond.

The National Stage Band Awards and Vocal Ensemble Awards take learning out of the classroom and onto the stage, providing young musicians with the 'next step' in their performing and music journey.

The learning opportunities throughout the festival can be both structured and informal. Whether it's providing industry insights on the journey between rehearsal venues or the casual advice shared in the green room.


Fostering creativity and innovation 

Throughout the entire festival, artists and adjudicators share their knowledge, and students learn, creating connections between emerging musicians and industry professionals. This provides a space where knowledge can be shared.


Guaranteed audiences provide school participants with the opportunity to truly engage in the reality of performance. The competitions, workshops, and concerts raise aspirations, ensuring that Generations in Jazz continually attracts the best musicians on a national and international stage.


Today, Generations in Jazz has grown from a community event to a sophisticated celebration of jazz music, attracting music students from across the school sectors: public, private, Catholic, and independent.

Whether striving to become a professional musician or fostering a lifelong love of music, students and staff through Generations have been able to realize and advance their vision. They master the skills and techniques of musical playing while developing self-motivation, leadership, and personal growth.

Music makes a contribution to kids' development that no other subject can match

National Review of School Music Education

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The goals of the GIJ Schools Program are:

  • To promote growth in jazz music.

  • To encourage participation and excellence in secondary school big band and choral singing.

  • To inspire young people to achieve.

  • To share ideas, techniques, and a common interest in music.

  • To develop the next generation of young band and vocal ensemble leaders.

  • To expose students to different styles of music.

  • To improve students' music performance through adjudication.

  • To provide opportunities for students to develop their resilience, initiative, independence, and leadership skills.

  • To foster an understanding and appreciation of jazz music.

  • To encourage performance by all groups, whether novice or highly experienced.

  • To provide performance opportunities for music by Australian composers.

  • To motivate students to continue the study of music.

  • To establish standards of excellence in music performance.

  • To provide opportunities for students to understand the relationship of music experiences to other life experiences

The Festival provides the following opportunities for students and teachers:

  • The chance for students to work with leading educators from Australia and overseas.

  • A performance goal for ensembles.

  • The opportunity to hear performances by a number of groups of similar standards.

  • Professional development opportunities for ensemble directors.

  • Opportunities to network with colleagues and discuss sources of inspiration.

  • Comments from a panel of experienced professional adjudicators.

  • Important feedback for directors regarding the overall performance and direction of their ensemble.

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