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Small Jazz Combo

The Division Overviews are defined as clearly as possible to be inclusive and allow all entries to perform in the most appropriate divisions.

If you are unsure about where to place a band or ensemble, please refer to the Division Overview below which clearly outlines the division definitions. Some of the criteria has changed, so please make sure read the supporting documents below so you can enter the most appropriate divisions.

Small Jazz Combo



This division is for small ensembles/jazz combos of all levels. 4 - 9 performers. It is designed to provide an outlet for ensembles playing classic/modern small group jazz repertoire (eg: be-bop, hard-bop, cool jazz, trad jazz, fusion, etc...).


Whilst written musical arrangements are fine, the emphasis in a small combo setting is more towards improvisation and ‘solos’. Extra marks will be given for a varied repertoire (tempo, groove or soloists) and for an engaging ‘performance’.


Ensembles will be required to perform 3 varied works of their choosing (one of which must be a ballad).


This division is not designed for small big bands playing reduced big band material (please see: Div 4 (mixed instrumentation) and Div 5 (non- competitive).

Performance Requirements

Each group must perform three pieces which will include:

  • Ballad of Own Choice,

  • 2 other Own Choice pieces.


Note: There is no Set Piece for this division.

Performance Time:  20 Minutes


  • Set up and quick tuning on stage is included in each band’s allocated time and we would ask that all Music Directors respect this request, to be fair to all participants

  • The only band permitted to warm up on stage is the first band scheduled on this day.

  • Band warm up areas will be provided for use prior to performance time.


Players On Stage:

There must be no more than 9 musicians on stage at any one time.

 No teacher, parent or designated supervisor (unless they are an accompanist or conductor) will be allowed on stage at any time.

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