Thank you for visiting the ticket section. We are currently in the planning period for the 2020 Generations in Jazz Festival. Ticket pricing for next years event together with the guest artist line up will be released later in the year. Please visit the website in October for more information or alternatively ‘like’ the Generations in Jazz Facebook Page for regular updates and the release of artists as they happen.

How & where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets can be ordered online via Ticketbooth online,

Note: Thursday Night Scholarship Adjudication can only be purchased through Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre. Click Here

VIA PHONE: (From March 2020)
Over the phone using Credit Card, please call Chapman’s Newsagency on  (08) 8725 3300
Monday- Saturday, 8:00am to 6:00pm
Please also provide an email address for tickets to be sent to you.


We have a number of ticket options available for members of the general public for the 2020 Festival. Further details will be made available later this year.

Members of the public have the option of purchasing individual concert tickets or can experience the Generations in Jazz Festival by purchasing a Festival Weekend Pass which will give pass holders access to all public concerts on Friday & Saturday Night and Sunday Awards Ceremony as well as the City of Mount Gambier National Stage Band Award and Vocal Ensemble Award performance throughout the Saturday.

On Saturday the Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble Competition will be held from 8:00am to 5:30pm and feature performances from over 385 Stage Bands and Vocal Ensembles in 14 Pavilions throughout the Generations in Jazz Festival Precinct.

Schools who have registered their attendance for the event will be allocated passes as part of their registration which can be collected upon their schools arrival at the site. Students registered with a school for Generations in Jazz will not be required to purchase additional tickets.


Members of the public have the option of purchasing individual concert tickets or can experience the Generations in Jazz Festival by purchasing a Festival Weekend Pass. We have an exciting music line-up in store with guest artists performing throughout the weekend.
Tickets may be available at the Ticket Office on site over the weekend; however, we advise that you check by contacting the Generations in Jazz office to see if any shows have sold out prior. Please be mindful that to purchase tickets at the festival site that some queuing may be required.
Reserved and allocated seating will be provided for the Friday Opening Gala Concert & Saturday Gala Concert only. Tickets for all other concerts will be by General Admissions only and seating is done on a FCFS basis (first come, first seated) and no reserved seating will be allocated for these venues. Seating is provided throughout the Generations in Jazz Festival Precinct and in the various Pavilions but may be limited due to individual venue capacities throughout the weekend.
School Stage Band and Vocal performances occur throughout the day on Saturday. If you are just looking at attending the National Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble Awards you will be required to purchase a Saturday Day Ticket ONLY. This ticket will give you access to the many different performance venues where you can watch an extraordinary amount of participating stage bands and vocal ensembles perform. Saturday’s performance commence at 7:30am and run throughout the day with the last performance at 5:30pm. Specific performance times for individual schools will be published closer to the festival. Alternatively parents and families wishing to watch their children/schools perform can obtain their performance times directly from their school
You can choose your seating. Please Note: This is for the Friday Night Opening Concert and Saturday Night Gala Concert ONLY. All other concerts are general admission and seat first in first serve basis.
Assigned seating will only be in place for the Friday Night Opening Concert and the Saturday Night Gala concert. All other concerts will be general admission seating and are assigned on a first come first seated basis.
No. Unless the event you have purchased a ticket for has been cancelled or rescheduled, or there are legal requirements that provide otherwise (including those of the Australian Consumer Law), tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.
For further information and if you require specific disability access seating, please call the Generations in Jazz Festival Office on (08) 8726 8144.
Generations in Jazz is held in Mount Gambier, South Australia which is fast becoming known as Australia’s home of jazz. Mount Gambier is a city in the southeastern corner of South Australia and lies half way between Adelaide and Melbourne. Each year the Generations in Jazz grounds and surrounding paddocks are transformed into the Generations in Jazz Precinct which is located 10kms south of Mount Gambier on Glenelg River Road, O.B. Flat. Traveling by car? The location is available on your GPS to get to the Festival site. 9 Clarke Road at O.B. Flat
Public accommodation is in peak demand over the Festival period. For those visiting the region and not part of the Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble Awards but would still like to attend the Festival, current accommodation options available within the region through discovermountgambier.com.au or calling them on (08) 8721 2555 * Please Note: Accommodation requirements for registered schools will be managed by the Generations in Jazz Accommodation team who work with accommodation providers across the region to ensure expected participant numbers can be catered for. Feel free to contact the accommodation team on accommodation@generationsinjazz.com.au
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