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Rules for participation

Vocal Ensemble Awards
  • Each vocal ensemble must perform two pieces:



  • Own Choice songs must be sufficiently jazzy to be considered appropriate entries.

Note: If you are at all unfamiliar with the jazz genre, or are in any doubt about your chosen piece you can contact the Co-ordinator of the Vocal Ensemble Awards, via email to to confirm your selection will not jeopardies your adjudication results.

  • The onus of choosing the correct material rests with the individual schools and Music Directors.

  • Each ensemble has a total of 15 or 10 minutes in which to enter the stage, perform their two pieces, and exit the stage.                    

            Division 1 (Large), 15 minutes

            Division 1 (Small), 15 minutes

            Division 2 (Large), 15 minutes

            Division 2 (Small), 10 minutes

            Division 3 (Large), 10 minutes

            Division 3 (Small), 10 minutes


  • Adjudication penalty for any vocal ensemble's performance time exceeding the time limit will be at the discretion of the adjudicator.


  • Any changes to the set piece scores must be approved by the composer, marked on your score and provided to the adjudicators. Any changes to the own choice scores must be clearly marked on the scores provided to the adjudicators.


  • All ensembles will receive a constructive assessment of their performance with suggestions on how to rectify any problem areas.

 SET PIECE                               /100

OWN CHOICE                          /100




  1. The Generations in Jazz Festival is open to students who are currently attending any primary or secondary school, and who are participating in a school, college or community jazz band or ensemble.

  2. Players are eligible to perform in the festival if they are full-time students of the participating school/s and are under 19 years of age, or whose 19th birthday occurs during the year of the festival.

  3. Combined school groups may participate if that ensemble rehearses on a regular basis.

  4. Two or more schools may join to form an ensemble, provided they stipulate this at the time of registration. Only one entry form needs to be submitted.

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