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Volunteer with
Generations in Jazz

Volunteering & Community Engagement 

GIJ is our largest local community event and it is the community too, who help ensure the festival’s sustainability. The success of the Generations in Jazz Festival in encouraging and supporting young musicians and Jazz music owes much to its highly valued pool of volunteers.

From its inception, Generations in Jazz has been generously supported, run and organised primarily by volunteers. A reason for the long-term success of the festival is that it is deeply embedded in community.

It is through the generous contributions and incredible impact from both individuals and the community at large that has made Generations what it is today.

Join us! Become a Volunteer

Are you looking to become a festival volunteer in South Australia? Well look no further - Generations in Jazz  volunteers are an incredibly important part of our festival and we’d love for you to join us!

Both leading up to and during the event, our 100 plus cohort of incredible and diverse volunteers work closely with the Fringe team to deliver key projects. These include helping at unique Fringe events, assisting people in navigating the program, and supporting all Fringe-goers in having the best time possible. 

If music is at the heart of the Generations in
Jazz Festival, then volunteers are the soul.

Alan Richardson volunteers his time at the festival site in preparation for the influx of

Volunteer Recruitment Process

Application Submission
Between late November and early March, volunteers can submit applications through the online Volunteer Application Form, our volunteer management portal.

Initial Contact
New volunteers will have their application reviewed and brief discussion with our Volunteer Team. Returning volunteers fill out the relevant form.

Application Results
Volunteers are informed about the success of their applications in mid April.

Volunteer Induction & Trainings
All volunteers attend the induction session and undergo necessary training sessions.

Generations in Jazz!
Volunteers actively participate in Generations in Jazz. 

Essential information such as Volunteer Roles, FAQ,

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