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Jazz music may have its roots in places like New Orleans and New York, but its influence reaches around the globe. Mount Gambier, in South Australia’s Limestone Coast, is Australia’s hotspot for this high-energy sound – largely thanks to a unique annual event called Generations in Jazz (GIJ).

Established in 1987, this spectacular gathering on the outskirts of the city, made famous for its Blue Lake, not only attracts the jazz legends of today but also the bright stars of tomorrow.

Generations in Jazz holds a special place in the jazz culture of Australia, where one generation of brilliant musicians inspires the next, and aspiring musicians get a taste of life as professional musicians. It's where like-minded individuals gather to learn from each other, study, and perform.


Generations in Jazz - demonstrating South Australia's continuing passion for world-class music experiences

GIJ is a non-profit organisation run by a dedicated Board and Management team who are passionate about making Mount Gambier and South Australia a world-class destination for events, jazz, and music education experiences.

Each year, we strive to ensure that the festival remains current, relevant, and accessible, and that it continues to offer the best opportunities for participants and audiences. As an organization, we genuinely desire to celebrate and inspire a love of jazz music across generations.

The best way to appreciate Generations in Jazz is to immerse yourself in the event as a participant or spectator. It must be seen to be believed and understood for its impact.

Our mission is to create a unique experience for students, schools, educators, musicians, and our community, to celebrate and inspire a love of jazz music across generations.

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