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Schools should follow these steps to obtain the 2024 Set Pieces they need for their entry requirements.


Purchasing Options: Schools can purchase Set Pieces two (2) ways:

  1. The online store or

  2. By sending an email to

No Credit Card Required: It's important to note that GIJ does not require a credit card for online purchases, making it convenient for schools who don't have access.

Order Confirmation: After completing the purchase, schools will receive a confirmation of their order. This step ensures that the order has been successfully processed.

Tax Invoice: Upon completing the purchase through the online cart, schools will be issued a Tax Invoice. This will serve as a formal record of the transaction.


Set Piece Delivery: Shortly after the release of the Tax Invoice, schools will receive a copy of the Set Pieces (PDF) they have purchased. You will also receive the relevant audio files and backings however this will be contained in a separate email from the PDF files. 

Order Processing: GIJ commits to processing the order on the same day it's placed to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Payment Timing: Importantly, schools do not need to pay the invoices before receiving the Set Pieces. Invoices can be settled at a later date.

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